Infant/Toddler Curriculum

Our approach with infants and toddlers follows HighScope’s infants and toddlers curriculum. It involves key beliefs in how and what infants and toddlers learn, as well as a commitment to creating an environment where such development can best happen.

How They Learn

Infants and toddlers learn…

  • With their whole body and all their senses.
  • Because they want to.
  • While communicating what they know.
  • Within the context of trusting relationships.

What They Learn

Despite their young age, infants and toddlers make big steps in their learning about…

  • Sense of self (e.g., express initiative).
  • Social relations (e.g., form attachments to primary caregivers).
  • Creative representation (e.g., imitate and pretend).
  • Movement (e.g., move parts of their bodies).
  • Music (e.g., listen to music).
  • Communication & language (e.g., listen and respond).
  • Exploring objects (e.g., explore objects with hands, feet, mouth, eyes, ears and nose).
  • Quantity & number (e.g., experience “more”).
  • Space (e.g., explore and notice location of objects).
  • Time (e.g., anticipate familiar events).

What We Do

At Calvary Childcare Center, we support how and what infants and toddlers learn as we:

Promote supportive adult/child interactions.

  • We establish policies that encourage continuity of care.
  • We create a climate of trust for the children.
  • We form partnerships with the children.
  • We support the children’s intentions.

Arrange and equip an active learning environment.

  • We build order and flexibility into the physical environment.
  • We provide comfort and safety for children and adults.
  • We support children’s sensory-motor approach to learning.

Establish schedules and routines.

  • Arrival and departure.
  • Feeding and mealtime.
  • Bodily care.
  • Naptimes.
  • Choice time.
  • Outside time.
  • Group time.

Encourage partnerships between the caregiver team and parents.

  • We encourage open communication.
  • We make joint decisions about program issues.
  • We focus on parents’ strengths.
  • We provide a welcoming environment for families.
  • We value parent participation.