Age 2 1/2

Our 2½-year-old class is open to children who reach that age by the start of the school year (by Sept. 1). Your child will enjoy a morning rich with activity. Mondays & Fridays, 9 to 11:30 a.m.

Areas of Learning

In our 2½-year-old class, we cover all areas of learning by encouraging your child to:

  • Play and move freely from one center of interest to another – the best way to explore and learn!
  • Pretend through creative-play experiences, housekeeping, block-building and more.
  • Pray through our shared prayer time and little lessons from our “Love Box”.
  • Sing & move with simple instruments and to the rhythms of all sorts of music.
  • Create art daily. Easels and play dough (with constantly changing props) are always available during free-choice time.
  • Celebrate the love of Jesus through Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, birthdays and time with friends.
  • Take turns and practice sharing with others during our free-choice time.
  • Try new things in art, creative movement, music, songs, physical activities and worship.
  • Make new friends during our play together.

Daily Schedule

Arrival – teachers greet children and families. Children “check-in” while families share any relevant information to their child’s day. Families will assist with hand washing before beginning play.

Morning Meeting – we gather on the rug as a group. We will sing Hello songs, see who’s here, review the schedule and learn about any changes for the day.

Free Choice – The children move freely throughout the room at their own pace as they make choices from a variety of activities. Areas within the room include art, sensory table, dramatic play, blocks, science, manipulatives, books/puppets and music experiences.

Clean Up Time – We encourage a cooperative effort to put the room back together and prepare for coming together as a group.

Group Gathering – After our work is done, we gather on the rug as a group. We will often have songs, a story and discussion about our theme. This can also be a time for acting out stories and trying a movement experience.

Outdoor Exploration – On the playground, the children can choose from a variety of activities including climbing, sliding, digging, riding equipment and dramatic play. During inclement weather, we will spend this time in one of our indoor play areas or the gym.

Snack – A nutritious, light snack will be served family style. A lot of opportunities for self-help are built into this time of day. The children will help set the table, serve and clean up their own snack. They will also be encouraged to use the bathroom if needed and of course wash their hands.

Group Gathering/Good-bye – We will gather to end our day with some group discussion and a short story or song.