Areas of Learning

We address the needs of the whole child by focusing on five key areas of learning…

Creative Expression

All children participate in daily art activities through which they create their own masterpieces, develop fine-motor skills, acquire skills in independence (i.e., dress themselves in smocks, clean up) and explore current educational themes further.

Social Interaction

Through all of our activities, your child will make important friendships through the year. When appropriate, our experienced teachers help and guide your child to make those bonds.

Intellectual Development

We embrace our role as teachers of Kindergarten-bound children. We provide opportunities for them to practice and learn the skills – speech/language, motor development, personal/social skills, cognition/perception, emotional skills, confidence/self-esteem – needed to succeed in Kindergarten and life.

Physical Activity

To improve gross-motor skills (large-body movements), your child will build the speed, balance, endurance and more sophisticated coordination to master new physical activities. Parental encouragement is crucial to instill a lifelong habit of physical fitness and health.

Faith Development

We honor your child as a unique, precious gift from God and will draw your child closer to Him through birthday prayers and celebrations; snack-time prayers; daily worship center activities; special services and activities celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter; some including the entire family; and dramatic play experiences.